November 7th 2024
The Elephant In AppSec Conference
Where strong opinions are encouraged 
Schedule to be announced soon
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What is TEIAS Conference?
Welcome to our first virtual conference, inspired by the values of our podcast, The Elephant in AppSec!
Get ready for an event where bold opinions and top Application Security experts come together like toast and butter.
Our mission is to explore a wide range of AppSec topics, delivering an engaging and educational experience for all attendees.

Expert Speaker Lineup

We have some super exciting speakers lined up, and we'll be revealing them gradually over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Completely Virtual and Free

No matter where you are, you can join us. Come prepared to challenge our speakers!

CFP is still open

We’re eager to hear your hottest AppSec takes. The CFP is still open, so submit your proposal and join the conversation.
It’s time to address AppSec issues no one wants to talk about. But we do. Join us for this spicy journey!
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Meet those who are not afraid to challenge the state of AppSec

More to be revealed soon...

James Berthoty

Founder @ Latio Tech, and Ex-Security Engineer @ Pager Duty

Jeevan Singh

Director of Security Engineering @ Ripping

Tanya Janca

Founder @ WeHackPurple, and Head of Education and Community @ Semgrep

Dustin Lehr

Co-founder @ Katilyst Security, and former Senior Dir of Platform Security and Deputy CISO @ Fivetran

Akira Brand

AppSec Engineer, Podcaster, AppSec program architect, and DevRel consultant

Kyle Kelly

Security Researcher @ Semgrep, and Author @ CramHacks

Swan Beaujard

Security Software Engineer @ Escape

Mel Reyes

Global CIO & CISO turned Executive Coach, ex-Global CIO & CISO @ Getaround, Creator @ The Fellowship of Digital Guardians
Dual Track Conference
To provide you with the most valuable insights from AppSec experts, we’ve divided the talks into two tracks, allowing you to choose the topics that interest you most.
Track 1: General AppSec Topics
Dive into a broad range of application security topics, exploring what’s wrong with AppSec and what needs improvement. Perfect for those looking to expand their overall AppSec knowledge and hear some spicy takes on various industry topics.
Track 2: Focus on AppSec Tools
This track is perfect for those who want to hear each speaker's specific take on different AppSec tools or all of them in general. You can expect critiques of tool features, examples of nonsensical marketing, and, of course, several mentions of how the XYZ tool is dead.
Full schedule to be announced soon
Call for Proposals

Share your expertise at the Elephant in AppSec Conference

Do you have any strong opinions to share? We invite you to submit your proposals and join us as a speaker.
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About The Elephant in AppSec

Originally a podcast from the Escape team - Alexandra and Tristan - it was created to explore, challenge, and boldly face the AppSec elephants in the room. With bi-weekly episodes, we aim to challenge our guests with tough security questions.
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